Chart A Course For Performance Optimization.

At Carrier, we understand that the service needs of our customers – much like the conditions at sea – are varying and constantly changing. Through our Path to Performance, we offer a complete range of services, from one-time checkups to ongoing contracts, so you can select the support options that make the most sense for you and your ships.

Path To Performance

Health Check

Fundamental baseline overview of chiller condition

It pays to get a pulse on your HVAC system.

When you’re at sea, the best way to avoid equipment downtime, delayed journeys or unhappy passengers is to identify potential problems before they arise. Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems can help with our Health Check service.

Essentially a checkup of your HVAC equipment, Health Check provides a baseline assessment and analysis of your equipment’s performance. Then we use our findings to make tailored recommendations for future maintenance, and establish a service history to provide insight to potential issues and appropriate solutions. Additionally, the data collected can lead to actionable steps to optimize your system’s energy efficiency and increase cost savings.

As part of our Health Check service, Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to develop a runtime profile and measure operating efficiency. We also provide accurate balancing of conditions in your HVAC equipment and create a mechanical signature for future comparison and analysis. Upon completion of your Health Check, we provide full reports on what was tested, including data and vibration severity charts, along with analysis, interpretation and recommendations for corrective actions, if needed.

Health Check is an easy way to gain a clearer picture of where your HVAC system stands and how you can keep it running smoothly. In other words, no matter where you’re heading at sea, a healthy HVAC system starts here.

Controls/Equipment Upgrades

Controls & programs specific for shipboard applications
Customized capacity options

Get a new level of efficiency and performance – without an entirely new system.

No matter where it is in its life cycle, keeping your HVAC equipment running reliably and efficiently is essential. But whether it’s for financial or logistical reasons, an entirely new system isn’t always feasible. Fortunately, with Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems, it’s not always necessary either.

Keeping your HVAC system current is an important step in extending the service life of your aging equipment. It improves overall performance and reduces the likelihood of downtime at sea. With a wide variety of modernization, retrofit and upgrade solutions for many equipment types, Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems can help you get the most out of your investment by reducing energy costs, and the need for total system replacement.

Equipment Modernization
Onboard HVAC systems consume more energy than propulsion – between 30 and 40 percent of the total energy used in most passenger vessels. Outdated equipment burns extra fuel and drains your bottom line. By upgrading your equipment to modern, more energy-efficient options, you can streamline your operations, lower fuel consumption and increase your cost savings.

Control Retrofits
The addition of precision controls and monitoring capabilities to your existing equipment can help optimize performance and provide greater system visibility. Through controls like our iVu® System, you can access, manage and control HVAC and other systems on your ship from anywhere in the world.

Equipment Retrofits
Retrofitting existing equipment with new technologies is a great way to achieve better performance without large capital investments. Variable speed drives are just one example. Available from 3HP to 5,000HP, variable speed drives can help marine and offshore customers reduce energy consumption and optimize efficiency at part-load conditions, lower maintenance costs, and reduce electrical and mechanical stress through controlled equipment starts.

Remote & Continuous Monitoring

Remote ability for regular OEM oversight
Ability to adjust and optimize remotely

Service at sea has never been smarter.

On cruise ships, the need for HVAC system uptime and passenger comfort is consistent. So it only makes sense that your monitoring capabilities and access to system data are consistent too. That’s where Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems can help.

Our Remote & Continuous Monitoring service uses the latest digital technologies to better connect you to your shipboard HVAC system. It gives you the right knowledge at the right time, allowing you to make more informed decisions relative to comfort demands, service and maintenance requirements and financial performance.

The service includes a combination of intelligent equipment, cloud technologies and expert service engineers equipped with the latest tools.

Using wireless communications technologies, we continuously stream operating data to the cloud in real time directly from your chiller’s product-integrated controller (or PIC). The data is then captured within our secure IoT platform for ongoing insight into your chiller’s health.

Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems continuously stores and assesses equipment operating data and service history, comparing it to established values for analytics and data validation. It compares this data to design specifications and matches it against allowable ranges, allowing us to deliver pre-emptive service solutions as needed.

Service Engineer
Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems service engineers utilize mobile devices with remote access to put real-time chiller data and service history in the palm of their hands. With advance notification of problems, service engineers are more informed about your equipment, allowing faster problem resolution and reduced mean time to repair.

Performance Monitoring

Fuel Savings
Accurate measurement and performance tracking

Take on-board efficiency into your own hands.

When you’re under way, you want to know that your equipment is performing as efficiently as possible. That’s why Performance Monitoring from Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems offers increased visibility into operational data – and the confidence in your system that goes with it.

Performance Monitoring provides an intuitive, graphics-based interface that allows you to quickly view real-time data on both your plant’s operation and the environmental conditions on board. That way, you can make informed settings adjustments to improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, ensure passenger comfort and identify potential equipment servicing needs – all from one dashboard.

Whether it’s temperature history, fuel cost, trend data or comfort measurement, the information provided by Performance Monitoring is all delivered in real time. From there, you can view and compare current and historical data, identify potential service needs and assess overall system efficiency. We can even recommend actions based on established benchmarks and system settings.

When it comes to keeping your system running optimally and helping passengers enjoy their experience to the fullest, nobody knows better than you. And Performance Monitoring gives you the state-of-the-art tools you need to plot a course for maximum efficiency.

Contract-Based Maintenance

Sustained chiller maintenance
Regular OEM oversight
Software updates as available
Ability for onboard training and transfer of knowledge to crew

Support at sea, on so many levels.

At Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems, we understand the unique needs of cruise industry customers. We also understand that those needs can vary by ship or fleet. That’s why we offer several options for Contract-Based Maintenance, including preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance programs to help safeguard your equipment.

Carrier Standard Service Plan
This plan is designed for customers with in-house HVAC staff or who want OEM factory-certified basic maintenance. It ensures that equipment is inspected regularly and operating properly, and that all OEM maintenance procedures are followed.

Carrier Plus Service Plan
Designed for customers seeking to partner with a factory-certified HVAC service company for complete maintenance care and technical support, our Plus Service Plan includes customized support to each HVAC asset and maximizes equipment life, uptime and performance. Services are selected according to your specific equipment components and fiscal goals.

Carrier Premium Service Plan
Our Premium Service Plan is a fully customizable package for customers seeking the highest equipment reliability and uptime coupled with budgetary certainty. It provides complete equipment protection with repair or replacement of failed components in covered equipment.

Regardless of which plan you choose, Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems brings you the security of a partnership with the HVAC industry leaders in service and technology. We achieve this through superior customer service, certified service engineers, standard work procedures, advanced equipment expertise and a focus on safety.

Let us work with you to select the option that’s right for you, your ship and your bottom line.

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